Bigg Boss 17: Ankita Lokhande talks about Divorce with Husband Vicky and says our Divorce Case is…’

Bigg Boss 17: Ankita Lokhande talks about Divorce with Husband Vicky and says our Divorce Case is..’

Ankit Lokhande’s Divorce Case: Bigg Boss 17 During the Bigg Boss 17 interview with her husband Vicky jain, Ankit Lokhande mentioned their divorce case.

Ankita and her husband Vicky entered the big boss house together, but it looks like their game plan has caused a lot of problems in their personal lives. The couple often clash over various issues, but recently in another argument, Ankita raised the topic of divorce again. In fact, in an earlier argument, Ankita mentioned that they had already filed for divorce.

In this episode, Ankita defended Munawar in a mock court case while Vicky played the antagonist. At some point during the show, the couple started quarrelling and Bigg Boss requested Vicky to allow Ankita to play. Ankita said thank you to Bigg Boss and Vicky started playing the game. “This is Bigg Boss trying to tell you to start playing,” she said.

When Bigg Boss made it clear that he wanted Ankita to talk to Munawar about the strategy, Vicky went ahead with her comments.

When Ankita could no longer contain her anger, she shot at Vicky, saying, “Himara divorce case ne chalo ho jaye!” which roughly translates to, “Don’t do that to me or else we will fight and get divorced.”

Ankita’s statement shocked everyone on the bench. When Mannara said to Ankita, “You’re overreacting too much.”

Ankita had earlier raised the issue of divorce during an altercation with Vicky. The incident began when Vicky had portrayed himself as a troubled person in an interview with Anjali Khan. Recently, it had come to light that Vicky had attempted to slap Ankita, which caused a lot of confusion on social media. Ankit’s mother, Vandana pandir Lokhande, had responded to this by saying, “Bilkul gharat tha woh, kyon ki main janti ho Vicky ko, mere saat mein rehiye hai woh, toh I know them really well.”

Ankita’s mother had also said, “Bilul gharat thi nahin tha, koi bahut gaya tha, aur unko eck dusre kaar karne waale mila hai, this is totally wrong, I know Vicky, they live with me, he is not like that, this is not a hit couple.”