AstraZeneca admits its vaccine causes clotting: Why Covishield vaccine takers in India shouldn’t panic

AstraZeneca admits its vaccine causes clotting: Why Covishield vaccine takers in India shouldn’t panic

AstraZeneca, a global drugs company, has fessed up that its Covid-19 vaccine invented by Oxford University scientists can cause an uncommon side effect through blood coagulation and decreased platelet levels following vaccination. In this country alone, 175 crore amounts of identical formula known as Covishield produced at Pune’s Serum Institute have been injected. This leaves all of us asking whether or not what we got as an injection is safe or not.

The company has admitted to a side effect called Thrombosis with Thrombocytopenia Syndrome (TTS) as it is facing a lawsuit which claims the vaccine has caused severe harm and deaths, The Daily Telegraph reported. Although this might be the company\’s first time to confess in court, TTS is a well-documented phenomenon that is now widely accepted in scientific literature. The first cases were reported within months after vaccines started being distributed in Europe; however, some nations stopped administering


European countries reported early on in the pandemic that there were cases of Corona Vac-induced Thrombocytopenia Syndrome (TTS), regrettably this has been rare in India. An official at the senior level in the Health Ministry confirmed that, “TTS is very uncommon. It’s even more uncommon among Indians and other South Asians compared to Europeans.’ Despite this, he pointed out that there is overwhelming evidence vaccines were life saving because their benefits far surpassed any possible risks.”

Further, the overall chance of suffering from this side effect is very low, however it peaks in the weeks immediately following vaccination. Furthermore, the majority of individuals residing within the boundaries of this nation have previously taken in three doses from a different manufacturer many days in the past. As stated by Dr. Gagandeep Kang who serves as the head of Global Health for Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation as well as an expert member of WHO.

According to a study conducted by Lancet Global Health in 2022, AstraZeneca reported 8.1 TTS cases for those who received the first dose per each million while 2.3 TTS cases per each million had the second one. It also indicated geographical differences in TTS reporting with the highest incidence rates being reported in Nordic states at 17.6 cases per million doses and the lowest ones being in Asia that had 0.2 incidences per million doses.


Dr Agarwal claims that immunity among the general Indian population has shot up significantly due to continuous exposure to the virus. Hence, vaccination may not be necessary anymore. Except for those with weakened immune systems, everyone else should not bother about getting vaccinated. The doctor adds that women below 40 could have had a different vaccine then.