Canadian PM: ‘We Are Threatened by India

Canadian PM: 'We Are Threatened by India

In Ottawa: ‘India is a threat to us,’ Canadian PM Justin Trudeau has said. China is the biggest threat to us, he added.“Are among those who murdered Khalistani Jihadist Hardeep Singh Nijjar” with Khalistani terrorists,” Prime Minister’s narrative ran.

It should be noted that in this instance, all of such claims against Canadian PM Justin Trudeau by our dear statesman from Bharat among others are nothing but an attempt to sabotage the nation’s honour. The assertions were brushed off by our national leadership as being without merit thereby creating a gulf in ties between the two foreign nations. The central government denied the allegations as baseless and this caused a rift.

He noted that India has become Canada’s second most dangerous rival, followed in order by China and then Russia which switched from being the second to the third most perilous nation. These leaders from various parties in Canada might be swayed by external forces, he revealed.

“Foreign diplomats may have been given confidential information as stated by Justin Trudeau, according to news agencies.”

The central government has in the Hardeep Singh Nijjar case denied the allegations against India as baseless on Khalistani terrorists. In that case, however, the “Canadian interference in India’s internal matters” claim was also made by Harpreet Dhillon. Additionally, as far as India is concerned this statement was always wrong because there are some miscreant elements around who find solace under its tenuous grip.”

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