Foreign Woman Cheated with Jewellery Scam: 300 Worth Sold for ₹6 Crores in Major Market

Foreign Woman Cheated with Jewellery Scam: 300 Worth Sold for ₹6 Crores in Major Market

During this visit, American Cherish moved to India purchasing jewellery worth 6 crores.

Every day the number of cases of foreigners being cheated by Indians is increasing. Cheat shopkeepers cheat foreign tourists who visit India for sightseeing or shopping. They lose millions of rupees, yet such incidents are reported consistently. Another type has just been discovered that a piece of jewellery that was bought at Rs.300 will cost Rs.6 crore. This was followed by the arrest of the shopkeeper. News 18 Lokmat has given a report about this.

Cherish, who is an American resident, made a purchase of some jewellery at Johari Bazaar in Jaipur India. Although it was said at the time that he bought the said jewellery with a staggering Rs. 6 million price tag. He initiated a sale of this jewellery piece during an American exhibition later on. All the same, it emerged in the said exhibition that the one in possession of this piece was a deception. On account of it Cherish got anger from his own customer base.

The shop owner made a false complaint

After her 60 million rupees transaction, Cherish came back to India and headed to the store where she had purchased the jewellery. However, the shopkeepers paid no attention to what Cherish said. Rajendra Soni, the owner of the store together with his son Gaurav Soni, rejected the assertion that the jewels weren’t genuine. Cherish was so furious that she decided to report the shopkeeper at Manak Chowk police station. Instead, the shopkeeper filed a wrongful case against her.

Shop owner and son absconding

The discovery left Cherish in shock. She did not know how to recover the 6 crores, so she called the US embassy immediately. Following the US Embassy inquiry with the Jaipur Police, the case investigation started taking place really quickly. This led to the identification of the fact that these jewels are not real after all. At the same time, the store proprietor and his child are on the run from law enforcement. Jaipur police have formed a special team to arrest the person who faked the certificate for ornament.

The preliminary police investigation reveals that the shopkeepers recently acquired a flat amounting to Rs 3 crore. An inquiry exposed that the defendant sold gold-plated silver jewellery valued at 300 rupees to a foreigner at 6 crore rupees and provided a false certificate of authenticity to him. According to North Deputy Commissioner of Police Bajrang Singh Shekhawat, Nand Kishore, who made the fake certificate, is arrested but the father and son are not found, yet.

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