Sunny Leone’s Dance Performance Denied by Kerala College: Reasons Revealed

Sunny Leone's Dance Performance Denied by Kerala College: Reasons Revealed

At an era when Sunny Leone is well prepared to make her Malayalam debut, it is interesting to consider this decision

Sunny Leone has been prohibited from dancing at Kerala University. She was supposed to dance on July 5, 2024, at a function at the University College of Engineering, Thiruvananthapuram. Nonetheless, according to NDTV’s report, the Vice Chancellor of the university, Dr. Mohanan Kunnummal, has directed the Registrar to make the program list devoid of Sunny Leone’s show.

After a year, a stampede that killed four people and injured over 60 others occurred at the Cochin University of Science and Technology (CUSAT). The tragedy happened while Nikhita Gandhi was performing live in a music concert. After this unfortunate incident, the state government placed a restriction against outside DJ parties, and music nights among other events organised within college borders.

It is also fortunate that this happens just when Sunny Leone is about to make her debut in Malayalam. She noted in April that she would soon be making an entry into Malayalam movies. A peek into a muhurat ceremony in the sets was shared by her on Instagram. She penned, “I’m ecstatic about this fantastic #Malayalam movie that my hands rebelled against me.” No information is however available on the Malayalam movie.

Additionally,”Quotation Gang” is also in the pipeline for Sunny Leone. Before that, some footage from the movie was released to give viewers a taste of what was to come and most were taken aback by how different this actress looked without makeup or glamour which she normally adorns during her performances. Furthermore; In Essentials Kill gang president who was involved in illegal activities on murder of several persons, Jacqueline Shroff, Priya Mani, And Sara Arjun will feature as well