Taxpayer-Funded Trip: Angus Robertson and SNP Ministers to Attend Euro 2024

Taxpayer-Funded Trip: Angus Robertson and SNP Ministers to Attend Euro 2024

The paid public purse is also footing the bill for Scotland’s Sports Minister, Maree Todd, and the Scottish Government’s Secretary for Culture, Europe, and Constitution to attend the other group games in Munich.

“Air Miles” Angus Robertson, who is not known for declining free foreign trips, is among three SNP ministers who are on their way to Germany to watch Scotland play at Euro 2024.” Regular members of the Tartan Army are being made to pay up to £1,000 each for a chance to watch Steve Clarke’s men play; however, this is not the case for these junkets since their travel expenditures are paid by the taxpayer.

The Scots will open their campaign against Germany in Munich, with the First Minister alongside the Bavarian mayor and Edinburgh’s Lord Provost at the same time as she also opens a fan zone there.

Maree Todd, Minister for Sport, will have the honour of attending Scotland’s second match in the tournament on Wednesday evening when they face Switzerland in Cologne. Similarly next Sunday evening, Mr Robertson will be present for the crucial encounter between Scotland and Hungary in Stuttgart31.

Mr. Robertson has flown more frequently on the Scottish government plane than any other member of the Scottish Parliament and has already undertaken publicly funded trips to New York and Copenhagen this year. Though he rejected a bid to be the leader of the SNP and thereby Nicola Sturgeon’s successor on grounds that he needed to spend more time with his family, he went abroad many times last year.

Taxpayer-Funded Trip: Angus Robertson and SNP Ministers to Attend Euro 2024

The SNP tried to use the start of Euros in Scotland to gain more backing for itself before the General Election scheduled on 4th July. Even though its money was low the party came up with billboards throughout the whole nation; arguing that becoming part of the European Union gives the same satisfaction as when you support a team that represents your nation at World Cup games.

The Nats have not been able to honestly tell the Scexit-supporting Scots how they will gain access to a second referendum when the next Prime Minister refuses it. Moreover, it is expected that in the event of the dissolution of the United Kingdom, independence for Scotland would demand between five and ten years for its entry into the trading bloc.

On Thursday, Mr. Swinney displayed a billboard in Edinburgh with the message “Scotland back in Europe. Like good luck to the boys”, repeating it during First Minister Questions as he wished the team well before their game.

In the words of a wise man, “Tomorrow, Scotland will be back in Europe and should indeed be”. I am hopeful for Scotland to triumph in the Euro 2024 finals, but in case of any eventuality where we do not win it then what SNP has proposed sounds good too; an independent state that will always find its way back to the continent forever after losing Euros once again.

According to the Scottish Conservative shadow constitution secretary Meghan Gallacher speaking to the Scottish Daily Express, John Swinney#039;s most recent act is proof that constitutional obsession is the foremost thing in the SNP agenda. What the nationalists need to do is to focus on their primary interests instead of asking for independence all the time.

“In key seats across Scotland, if voters come together in support for the Scottish conservatives, defeating the SNP will be possible for them thus putting the matter of Scotland’s independence behind and turning attention to the real issues like cutting NHS waiting time and producing quality jobs.”