Shakira honoured with 21-foot bronze statue in colombia

Shakira honoured with 21-foot bronze statue in colombia

The singer’s parents attended the unveiling of the statue on Tuesday, which measures 6.5 metres (21 feet).

A giant bronze statue of Shakira, one of the world’s biggest artists, was unveiled on Tuesday in her hometown of Colombia. The singer and her parents attended the unveiling of the 6.5-metre (21 ft) tall statue, which features the long-haired singer in her signature pose and hips that don’t lie. in a pose with her arms above her head and wearing a transparent skirt decorated with shiny aluminium. The statue was opened by mayor Jaime Pupera and is located in a park near the shores of Magdalena Lake. A plaque under the statue honours Shakira and the heart that composes, andquot; andquot;hips that don’t lie,andquot; andquot;incomparable talent,andquot; andquot;voices that move the masses,andquot; andquot;barefoot andquot; and andquot;good for children and humanity.

Following the unveiling of the sculpture on Tuesday, Márquez said he was delighted with the public’s reaction and the reaction of Shakira’s family. “God will reward me for being a sculptor,” he said. “Shakira’s son said it’s the best sculpture he’s ever seen, and the singer herself called me to say it captures her essence to the soul.”

Márquez, 52, has been creating sculptures since he was 16 years old. He currently works as an academic coordinator at Barranquilla’s public art academy and has created large sculptures for various cities in Colombia.

Shakira said in a statement, “I am humbled and touched by this tremendous honor in the city of my birth. Since childhood, each barranquilla and barrillero has been a source of inspiration and a brother and sister to me.

Although Shakira now lives mostly in Miami, she was born in the city of Barranquilla. Shakira has maintained a strong relationship with the city, sponsoring several schools, establishing a foundation to promote early childhood development in Colombia, and making numerous annual visits to the city.