The Rage of the Masses: Examining the Success of Films like Animal and Pushpa

The Rage of the Masses: Examining the Success of Films like Animal and Pushpa

Talking about the popularity of violent action films this year, Dunki star Vikram kochhar said, “Viewers today are so angry that they can’t exercise.”

Talking about the clash of Dunki with Prabhas’ Salaar at the box office, the Dunki actor said, “Art is not something that can be compared against itself.” The Dunki actor also talked about the growing trend of male-centric action films, which have been dominating the Indian cinema screens this year with films like Pathaan, Jawan, Gadar 2, Leo, Jailer and the recently released Animal raking in huge numbers.

Speaking to Bollywood Now, he said, “There are so many action thrillers out there right now. But it all depends on the political situation of the time. There are so many wars happening all over the world right now. People are angry, frustrated and vengeful. These sentiments are very common in India. Everyone has revenge in their hearts, but they don’t know where it will lead them. That’s why people are turning to action movies instead of more sensitive stories.”

Vikram went on to say, “A friend of mine recently told me that many people are hungry for power but don’t know how to get it. Seeing it on the screen makes their dreams come true. But on the other hand, movies also have a duty towards the audience. Only then can a film be considered good. Take Satyajit ray’s films, there is a reason why the masses don’t want to see it. But that doesn’t mean that the masses are irrational. If the people want to see someone’s throat being slit, then they should be shown it. Otherwise, you’re only amplifying certain things which you shouldn’t.”

He said, “Every man is born with love in his heart,” but right now, “he is born with anger.” He also said, “Dunki, which is not doing as well as Salaar at the box office, is the sort of film that will keep finding new audiences even after its theatrical release.” The film, directed by R.S. Rajkumar has grossed almost Rs 300 crore all over the world in its first week of release.

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