Breaking Tradition: 5 Non-Conventional Bridal Looks Inspired by Ira Khan

Breaking Tradition: 5 Non-Conventional Bridal Looks Inspired by Ira Khan

It looks like 2024 will be the year of the off-the-wall wedding. Ira Khan and Nupur shikhare off-the-rules, off-the-charts wedding might be the very first of the new year! We at PopXO are all for off-the-beaten-path weddings, and while some might say it’s a fashion risk, we prefer to call it off the box.

Ira’s style is exactly what we aspire to be. So let’s ditch the rules and explore the world of unconventional bridal style.

Add A Bird

The first and most famous hatake bride is arguably Sex and the City’s Carrie Bradshaw. She looks stunning in a stunning, almost delectable Vivienne Westwood gown paired with a much more discoursed ‘dead bird hat’. Her makeup look is something I might just steal for myself – smokey eyes, a full lips and a lot of contour!

Ditch The Lengha, But Not The Style

When it comes to Indian weddings, the desi look has always been one of the first and last things brides choose to wear. Lengkas and sarees have always been the go-to dresses for Indian brides. However, Shibani has always been ahead of the game and this time she looked absolutely stunning in a red cocktail dress with a red lace veil. I can’t stop staring at this dress since I saw it. Shibani and Farhan got married in a very traditional wedding in India.

Saree With A Twist

When it comes to veils, who says they are only for gowns? Look no further than this bride whose look is an elegant fusion of traditional and modern elegance. A beautiful saree paired with an elegant veil is the perfect choice for the bride who wishes to keep it classy while making a subtle statement.

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Suit Up!

If you don’t want to wear skirts or lehengas anymore, nobody is stopping you from trying something new! Why not try a pantsuit? Fashion queen Sanjana rishi wore this sky blue pantsuit with embellished veil at her wedding and let me tell you, what a look!

Add A Crown

I mean, it’s your wedding day, so who’s stopping you? In a post-war era of minimalism, shirley’s wedding dress was a refreshing change of pace, combining the style of the era with her own personal style. The best part? Her complimentary headpiece, just as unconventional as her dress – a departure from the veils, and tiaras that so many brides wear.

Breaking Tradition: 5 Non-Conventional Bridal Looks Inspired by Ira Khan

So that’s it! Five looks that will make your wedding day stand out from the rest – if you’re ready to stand out in an unapologetic way.