Types of Kurtis and How to Choose the Neck Design for kurtis and Your Outfit

Types of Kurtis and How to Choose the Neck Design for kurtis and Your Outfit

Which type of kurti is trending?
Kurtis, a staple in traditional Indian fashion, is primarily embraced by women. These elegant garments exude versatility, offering a plethora of styles and color options. They can be crafted using a variety of luxurious fabrics. Kurtis are often paired with leggings or trousers to complete the look, and can be personalised with dazzling jewellery and headwear.

Over the past few years, there has been a growing trend of kurtis gaining popularity in the Western world. This can be attributed to the growing influence of Bollywood and Indian culture overall. Additionally, kurtis are now seen as a fashionable and comfortable choice, contributing to their rising popularity as a fashion staple.

There are many different types of kurtis that are trending right now. Some of the most popular styles include:

Floral kurtis: Floral kurtis are not only a lovely addition to your ensemble, they also exude a charming femininity. With a plethora of vibrant hues and intricate designs to choose from, these versatile pieces can be crafted from an array of fabulous fabrics.

Solid color kurtis: Adding a touch of sophistication and charm to your outfit has never been easier with solid color kurtis. With a plethora of hues to choose from and a wide range of material options, you can effortlessly achieve a chic and timeless look.

Printed kurtis:Transform your outfit with a burst of personality by incorporating printed kurtis into your wardrobe. These versatile pieces boast a plethora of designs and can be crafted from an array of fabrics, making them the epitome of fashion-forward choices.

Embroidered kurtis: Elevate your wardrobe with a luxurious touch by incorporating embroidered kurtis. Boasting a plethora of designs and crafted from a range of fabrics, these kurtis are the epitome of elegance.

Selecting the perfect kurti calls for careful thought about the occasion it will be worn for. For an event of significance, an embellished kurti would be a suitable choice, exuding a touch of formality. For everyday wear, however, a simpler option like a floral kurti would be more appropriate for a relaxed yet stylish look.

Regardless of which type of kurti you opt for, rest assured you will discover the perfect one for you. Kurtis are a versatile and chic addition to your wardrobe, offering a multitude of styling options.

Here are some tips for styling a kurti:

Types of Kurtis and How to Choose the Neck Design for kurtis and Your Outfit
  • Choose a kurti that flatters your figure.
  • Pair your kurti with leggings, trousers, or jeans.
  • Add accessories such as jewellery, scarves, and handbags to your outfit.
  • Wear your kurti with flat sandals, heels, or boots.

Discover the perfect kurti that suits your unique style and taste among the multitude of colors and designs available. Kurtis embody both versatility and fashion, making it a must-have addition to your wardrobe.

How to look modern in a kurti?

Types of Kurtis and How to Choose the Neck Design for kurtis and Your Outfit
  • Kurtis truly reigns supreme as the ultimate blend of comfort and versatility, suitable for all occasions. Aside from showcasing your unique personality and style, they can elevate your appearance to the next level. But let’s face it, staying trendy while sporting a kurti can be a daunting task. Fret not, for we bring you a few foolproof tips to rock the modern kurti look effortlessly.
  • Find the perfect kurti that flatters your figure. Avoid overly tight or loose options, as they won’t showcase your style. Additionally, be mindful of length – opting for a kurti that is too short could detract from your overall look. So take the time to find the ideal fit to elevate your fashion game.
  • When choosing the perfect kurti, consider a color that enhances your complexion. For those with fair skin, a light or bold hue works best. Alternatively, individuals with a deeper complexion can rock a dark or jewel-toned shade.
  • Looking for a kurti that catches the eye? Elevate your look with a kurti adorned with exquisite embroidery, delicate lace, or other intricate details.
  • Complete your look by pairing your kurti with the perfect accessories. Elevate it with a pair of earrings, a necklace, and a bracelet.
  • Be confident when you wear your kurti! Your clothes reflect your inner confidence.

Here are some additional tips for looking modern in a kurti:

  • Discover a trendsetting kurti crafted from a contemporary fabric. While cotton has long been the traditional choice, the market now boasts a variety of kurtis in luxurious options such as silk, chiffon, and polyester.
  • Indulge in a contemporary kurti that speaks to your style. With endless design options ranging from traditional to modern, finding the perfect kurti is a breeze. For a cutting-edge look, opt for a kurti with a modern twist.
  • Enhance your ensemble with a splash of color. Take a kurti in a subtle shade and elevate its style by pairing it with a bold statement necklace or eye-catching earrings.
  • Transform your kurti into a versatile fashion statement by layering it with a blouse or tank top for a laid-back and effortless vibe.
  • Wear your kurti with pants or a skirt. Kurtis can be worn with both pants and skirts.

With just a touch of determination, you have the power to exude a modern and chic aura with a kurti. With these straightforward tips in mind, prepare to capture the attention of others wherever you may roam.

Here are some additional ideas for styling kurtis for a modern look:

  • Pair a kurti with a pair of high-waisted pants and heels for a polished look.
  • Tuck a kurti into a pair of shorts for a more casual look.
  • Wear a kurti with a statement necklace and a pair of sandals for a feminine look.
  • Add a scarf or pashmina to your kurti for a touch of warmth and style.
  • Layer a kurti over a dress for a more dramatic look.

Don’t limit yourself when it comes to wearing a kurti – its versatility makes it perfect for any occasion. Let your creativity shine and try out various styles until you discover the one that speaks to you.

How to Choose Neck Design for Kurti?

When browsing for a new kurti, keep a keen eye on its neckline. Not only can this feature wonderfully complement your physique, but it also has the power to elevate your overall appearance. With countless neck designs to browse through, you’re sure to discover one that exquisitely reflects your individual taste and persona.

Here are some tips for choosing the right neck design for your kurti:

  • Take a moment to consider the shape of your neck. For those with a longer neck, a boat neck or v-neck would beautifully accentuate your features. However, if your neck is on the shorter side, opting for a crew neck or turtleneck would create a more flattering look.
  • Consider your figure when selecting a neckline. A curvy figure may benefit from a fitted neckline like a sweetheart or halter, while a slender figure may prefer a more casual neckline like a scoop or square.
  • Enhance your appearance by selecting a neckline that accentuates your unique facial features. If you possess a round face, consider opting for a sharper neckline like a v-neck or square neck to create a more angular effect. For those with an oval face shape, feel free to embrace any neckline style. Alternatively, if you have a square face, a more curved neckline such as a scoop neck or boat neck can soften your facial contours beautifully
  • Take a moment to consider the overall composition of your kurti. Differences between fabric choices can greatly impact how forgiving a neckline appears, with options like chiffon and silk being particularly accommodating. If you’re unsure about which type of neckline will highlight your features best, opting for a kurti in a forgiving fabric may be the way to go.

After carefully taking into account these factors, you are ready to begin narrowing down your options. With an abundance of exquisite neck designs to choose from, you are bound to discover one that captivates you.

Here are some of the most popular neck designs for kurtis:

Types of Kurtis and How to Choose the Neck Design for kurtis and Your Outfit

Boat neck: The boat neck, also known as a scoop neckline, features an alluring opening at the front with a sleek, straight edge at the bottom. It is a versatile neckline that flatters most face shapes and can seamlessly elevate both casual and formal kurtis.

V-neck: A v-neck, characterised by its shape resembling the letter “v,” is a flattering neckline option for women with elongated necks. It is versatile enough to be incorporated into both casual and formal kurtis for a stylish and sophisticated look.

Square neck: A square neck is a neckline with a square-shaped cut. This style effortlessly flatters most face shapes and can be dressed up or down for both casual and formal occasions.

Crew neck: The crew neck, with its high and round shape, exudes comfort and versatility. Ideal for both casual and formal outfits, this neckline offers unbeatable comfort.

Halter neck: A halter neck, with its straps elegantly wrapping around the back of the neck, is a highly coveted neckline that is both stylish and versatile. It effortlessly highlights the curves of a woman’s figure, making it a favourite choice for both casual and formal occasions when paired with kurtis.

Sweetheart neckline: A sweetheart neckline is a beloved style with a charming heart-shaped design. It beautifully complements the curves of a woman’s figure and can be effortlessly paired with casual or formal kurtis.

Turtleneck: A turtleneck is a cosy and stylish neckline characterised by its high, rounded shape and long, snug collar. It offers both warmth and comfort, making it a versatile choice for both casual and formal kurtis.

Finding the perfect neck design to complement your unique style and shape is a fun and worthwhile journey. Don’t be afraid to try out various necklines until you discover the one that speaks to your heart.