Tips For DIY Protein Treatment for Long Hair with Lentils

Tips For DIY Protein Treatment for Long Hair with Lentils

Looking to lengthen your locks? Consider concocting a bespoke hair mask right in your own kitchen. Unlock a myriad of Long Hair-boosting benefits with this DIY treatment. Dive into the world of homemade hair masks in the accompanying article.

Amidst the ever-changing trends in hair fashion, the allure of long locks remains timeless for women across the globe. However, amidst the hustle and bustle of modern life, nurturing our hair to its full potential presents a formidable challenge. Our dietary choices often fall short, and our daily routines fail to provide the nourishment needed for luscious locks. Resorting to chemical-laden products and harsh heat treatments seems to be the norm for many. Yet, if the quest for radiant long hair is to be pursued authentically, embracing natural remedies becomes imperative. Enter beauty aficionado Poonam Chugh, poised to unveil a transformative solution amidst the myriad of hair care options.


  • 1 bowl red lentils 
  • 1 tablespoon fenugreek seeds 
  • 1 bowl aloe vera gel 
  • 1 tablespoon castor oil 
  • 1/4 bowl water 


To kickstart, begin by immersing lentils and fenugreek seeds in water. Let them steep overnight, allowing the infusion to deepen. As dawn breaks, harvest fresh aloe vera leaves and immerse them in water for half an hour, awakening their vitality. Then, embark on the delicate task of extracting the precious gel from the aloe vera leaves. Meanwhile, strain the soaked lentils, reserving their infused water for later use. Into a blending vessel, combine the lentils, fenugreek, aloe vera gel, and a touch of nourishing castor oil. Introduce a splash of the lentil and fenugreek-infused water, uniting the elements into a harmonious paste through the rhythmic motion of grinding.

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Ensuring the ideal consistency, the paste should possess a thickness that prevents dripping. It should cling sufficiently to your hair strands. Begin by generously applying the paste, starting from the roots and extending it along the length of your hair. Allow this nourishing mixture to settle on your locks for a duration of 30 to 40 minutes. Subsequently, rinse your hair thoroughly with water. Once the hair mask has been completely washed away, proceed to shampoo as usual.

Tips For DIY Protein Treatment for Long Hair with Lentils

Incorporate this rejuvenating hair mask into your routine once a week for optimal results. It’s important to note that post-application, refrain from subjecting your hair to direct sunlight, air conditioning, or the heat of a blow dryer. Let your hair air dry naturally for the best outcome.

Benefits of lentils for hair

Introducing the lentil hair remedy, an incredibly cost-effective and effective homemade protein treatment for your precious locks. Hair, craving protein, finds solace in this natural solution. While the market offers pricey protein treatments, this homemade mask promises superior care without breaking the bank.

If your locks lacklustre and radiance, it’s a clear sign they’re thirsting for deep nourishment. Enter this hair mask, a beacon of hope for dull strands. Infusing your hair with much-needed conditioning, it unveils a newfound shine and vitality.

Regardless of the season, neglecting hair care often invites the unwelcome guest of dandruff. Combat this common nuisance with the aid of this miraculous hair pack. Its natural moisturising properties soothe the scalp, bidding farewell to dryness.

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This home remedy stands tall as a champion of hair growth. If you’ve long fretted over sluggish hair growth, understand that protein deficiency stunts the process. Fear not, for this mask holds the key to unlocking your hair’s growth potential.

Bid farewell to pesky split ends with the application of this potent hair mask. While a trim may be necessary for existing split ends, this treatment vows to minimise their occurrence, leaving you with healthier, happier strands.

Tips For DIY Protein Treatment for Long Hair with Lentils

Things to keep in mind

Ensure the hair mask doesn’t dry entirely on your hair, it’ll become stubborn to remove.

Avoid sleeping with the hair mask still on, it could lead to scalp infections.

When removing the hair mask, ensure not even a tiny particle remains adhered to your scalp.

Do not try to rinse off the mask with hot water, it can adversely affect your hair’s health.

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