Kavita Chaudhary, known for playing IPS officer Kalyani Singh in DD Show Udaan, dies of heart attack

Kavita Chaudhary, known for playing IPS officer Kalyani Singh in DD Show Udaan, dies of heart attack

Renowned actress Kavita Chaudhary, celebrated for her memorable role in the beloved Doordarshan classic, Udaan, peacefully bid farewell on Thursday following a courageous journey battling cancer.

Kavita Chaudhary according to her Instagram profile, has sadly passed away. She will forever be cherished for her memorable role as Kalyani Singh in the popular 1989 TV series Udaan. According to her nephew, who spoke with The Indian Express, the esteemed actress passed away due to a heart attack on Thursday evening in Amritsar at the age of 67. Her funeral was held the following day, and we pray for her eternal peace.

In the realm of Indian television, few characters leave a lasting impression like Kavita Choudhary in the popular Udaan serial. Portrayed with finesse and depth, Kavita Choudhary, also spelled Kavita Chaudhary, stands as a cornerstone of the show’s narrative. Let’s embark on an exploration of her character and the actress behind her portrayal.

Kavita’s nephew Ajay Sayal shared with the portal that she sadly passed away on Thursday evening at 8:30 pm due to a sudden cardiac arrest. She took her last breath at Parvati Devi Hospital in Amritsar, where she was receiving treatment.

According to a report from India Today, Kavita Chaudhary’s close friend Suchitra Verma has disclosed that the actor had been fighting cancer for several years and was visibly suffering during their last meeting a year ago, while undergoing chemotherapy. “I feel devastated to have lost her and never had the opportunity to see her again. I never imagined her condition would worsen so suddenly,” Suchitra expressed.

Actor Anang Desai also disclosed to WebStoryHub, “She had cancer a few years ago. We met after that as well, but she wanted to keep it private so we never discussed it. She was originally from Amritsar and passed away there. I spoke to her about fifteen days ago when she was in Mumbai; she was not keeping too well. Kavita’s nephew informed me about her death this morning.”

In a heartfelt tribute on Instagram, Suchitra fondly remembered the late actor by sharing a photo of the two together. With a heavy heart, she announced the news and expressed her deep sorrow. Kavita was more than just a familiar face from the Udaan series and the iconic ‘Surf’ commercial – she was a symbol of strength, inspiration, and grace. Fans from the 70s and 80s will remember her as the beloved face of these iconic works. On Twitter and Instagram, fans also paid homage to the late actor by sharing old advertisements featuring her.