Lynchburg District Traffic Update: Road work scheduled in week of June 17-21

Lynchburg District Traffic Update: Road work scheduled in week of June 17-21

VDOT in the region of Lynchburg has revised its road work and maintenance timetable. Throughout the region, the teams are doing various activities including and not restricted to bridge & guardrail maintenance, brush/tree/limb cutting, pothole/surface/shoulder work, surface treatment/paving operations, mowing, mowing, boom axing, work orders as well as drainage repairs/cleanup of the roadsides.

Construction of a Restricted Crossing U-Turn and storm drainage, advanced warning flashers and traffic lighting are part of the projects on Route 29 & Route 151 (Patrick Henry Hwy.). We estimate that it will reopen in July 2024 while asking everyone who uses the roads around there to exercise care since there could be changes in how they look because of the ongoing works. The estimated completion date for this project is 1 year after November 2023 when everything should have been done if everything goes as planned without any delays or hitches whatsoever.

Specific Road Work Projects

Work for recoating the bridge structure is ongoing within Route 24 around Shady Tree Lane and Route 656, popularly known as Crews Shop Road. While these repairs last, remember that we shall have only one lane available. I would therefore advise that anyone driving on that road should slow down and keep off the overtaking, since someone else may have already stopped in the same way in front of him or her. Patience is required during this time since the completion date is expected to be towards September 2024.

Charlotte County

“Everyday Ville Road 664 is under construction for sewer pipes. Alternative roads have been made available. The work is expected to be completed by Monday, 27 June 2022. Everyday Ville Highway 15 at Everydayville Highway 15/360 BUS will benefit from this roundabout project.” Vehicles are not allowed to pass from Route 15 to the Route 15/360 (Kings Highway). Also, motorists will be informed about this through the message boards and detour signs. It is projected that the whole work will be finished by October 2024.

Halifax County

Bridge Repairs on Route 724 (Drybridge Road) have started; it has been closed to through-traffic temporarily. The road will soon be reopened depending on weather conditions.

There are safety improvements that involve widening of the shoulders, use of rumble strips and replacement of guardrails on route 360 (James D. Hagood Highway) as it goes from route 716 (Wolf Trap Rd.) to route 344 (Scottsburg Rd.).Lane closures are expected so drivers should exercise a lot caution. It is estimated that this work would be completed by November 2024. Route 501 (L P Bailey Memorial Highway) at Route 628 (Chestnut Road) – Project to improve the intersection. There could be some lane and shoulder closures. Traffic lights have been installed temporarily to control traffic on only one lane along Route 501 and Route 628 until about August 2024. Note please. Expected completion date of the project is in December 2024.

Lynchburg District Traffic Update: Road work scheduled in week of June 17-21


The painting of bridges on route 501 (campbell avenue) over the route 29/460 (richmond highway) is The Bridge Painting. from June 24th, lane closures should be anticipated every night from 7 pm to 6 am on both the eastward and westward directions of rt.29/460(northbound & southbound)(richmond highway). Beware. It is anticipated that it will be completely over by the middle of July 2024.

Nelson County

Work includes widening the shoulder, installing rumble strips, erecting guardrails. Starting from 18th March, there will be intermittent lane closure during the process. The work is expected to end in January 2025.

Bridge deck replacement is being performed on James River – Route 60 (Richmond Highway). During crossing, bridge drivers are using its opposite side. The current schedule speculates that the bridge could probably open for regular traffic movement within four-five days–June 17th through 21st , 2024.The work is roughly scheduled for completion by July next year.

Pittsylvania County

Route 631 \ (Dews Rd.) – Culvert Repairs. On May 29, 2024, start point approx. 641 (Dews Rd.) will be shut off for some time to allow culvert repairs up to June 14, 2024. Route No. 656 / (Kerns Church Road) – Culver Repairs. Route 656 will be closed for thru traffic from the intersection with Route 712 / (White Ridge Road) to the intersection with Route 713 / (Rock Springs Road) as from May 29, 2024, where it is anticipated to be opened by June 30, 2024.

Route 761 (Straightstone Road) : Bridge Replacement. Lying straight along Route 761 (Straightstone Rd.), this bridge is expected to undergo reconstruction from June 10, 2024 up to around August 8, 2024 hence it will not allow through traffic between Route 604 (Glade Road).