NYU Freshman Kaitlyn Fung Accused of Stealing Roommate’s Items Valued at $51,000

NYU Freshman Kaitlyn Fung Accused of Stealing Roommate's Items Valued at $51,000

Several reports suggest that a first-year student at New York University seized expensive products belonging to her roommate, whose father is rich and has ties with Vladimir Putin.

Kaitlyn Fung, who is a freshman at New York University (NYU), is facing an allegation that she stole from her roommate. The goods worth $51,000 were stolen from Aurora Agapov by Kaitlyn Fung who is 18 years old. It is now a case at the Manhattan Supreme Court.

The court action asserts that Fung used to advertise fancy goods like Gucci, Chanel, and Bvlgari on the internet. It is believed that all of them had been stolen. It has been reported that the father of Agapov was a prominent Russian gold miner thus there were rumours connecting him to Putin.

What did Kaitlyn Fung steal from Aurora Agapov?

NYU Freshman Kaitlyn Fung Accused of Stealing Roommate's Items Valued at $51,000

A 19-year-old Londoner who studies art and has just completed her first year at a university, Aurora Agapova managed to find her lost possessions. Fung and Agapova, who have been friends since their freshman year at NYU, shared a dorm room in Founders Hall located on East 12th Street.

Suspicions concerning Fung were initially aroused after a receipt from a consignment store named The Real Real was found in her purse including some clothes that were missing from Agapov’s room as needed. It was reported that The Real Real had a mobile phone application as well as a physical premises located on Wooster Street in Soho during an article posted on the New York Post.

Agapov said to The Post “They broke my heart. My mother had given me those things as gifts. I have so much sentimental value for them.” In May everything among those stolen became clear. Agapov requested Fung to first go away for the night, in the morning she took her things out of their hostel room.

The lawsuit claims that Fung was paid a mere $2,485 while the total cost of Agapov’s Bvlgari jewellery is $13,000. Similarly, a Chanel Strauss bracelet worth $2,000 only fetched $175. Also in the list are Celine and Gucci’s handbags which Agapov found after they were stolen by Fung.

What are the charges Kaitlyn Fung is facing?

According to the Post, Fung was charged with third-degree grand larceny on May 2 and then released from detention. However, she remains accused in a criminal case. Agapov found out that days ago Fung’s mother had already redeemed her items at The Real Real’s offline store. Now as a consequence, Agapov is asking for 51k dollars in compensation together with restitution for all items consequently obtained unlawfully.