US Teacher Appreciation Week 2024

US Teacher Appreciation Week 2024

According to the National Education Association (NEA), May 7th is Teacher Appreciation Day. Another name for it is National Teacher Appreciation Week where children celebrate the teachers who shaped them into responsible members of society.”

Every one of us has had at least one educational worker who guided us through our schooling, inspired us or pointed in the right direction. Do you need a reason to say thank you? There’s a chance to do so soon.

It is the teachers who play an important role in the education of our children and in shaping them to be future great leaders of our country. This category of workers is known for being very supportive, patient, hardworking as well as supportive. We entrust them with our kids over the school term period and they have a significant impact in the lives of these pupils each day.

One cannot fail to notice that there is hardly any person in this world, irrespective of the life stage they are in, who has not been somehow affected by a tutor in their life. And this tradition is still current these days. Evidently all fresh employees possessing more than enough competences are indebted to their educators for their development. Whichever businessperson you ask, they will reveal to you that a teacher is the person they got motivated by. For each of us, it is enough to know that some teacher out there in the world encouraged us.


In the year 1944, political leaders initiated talks concerning having a special day set aside for teachers. National Teachers’ Day was proclaimed by the 81st Congress on the persuasion of Eleanor Roosevelt in 1953. It was declared a national day by the congress on March 7, 1980. Until 1985, the National Education Association marked National Teacher Day on the first Tuesday of March every year since it continued to be celebrated as such for some time till 1985 after which it supported this date; consequently celebrating teacher appreciation week during the first full week of May is a tradition that started when the National PTA established it .

NATIONAL TEACHER APPRECIATION DAY | Tuesday of the first full week in May

‘May 7th, 2024 is National Teacher Day while Teacher Appreciation Week starts May 6th and ends on May 10th, encompassing Monday through Friday. More than 70 years ago, the concept of dedicating an entire week to commemorate teachers originated from Eleanor Roosevelt who was the first lady’.

President Biden pronounced that teachers are indispensable in our nation. This was captured in a statement made on the 3rd of May, which was a Friday. “In our country, instructors offer care to students, pass knowledge to future generations and ensure they become dreamers,” according to him.”

To remind us of some out there who help us grow, that Tuesday of the first complete week of May is a day set aside for national teacher appreciation. Our way of using this day at national level is to express our gratitude towards all teachers who have selflessly devoted their time so as to ensure that our kids gain some education.