World Athletics Day 2024: Date, History, Objectives , significance

World Athletics Day 2024: Date, History, Objectives , significance

World Athletics Day 2024: Every yearly on May 7, World Athletics Day celebrates globally. 1996 saw the first World Athletics Day. The purpose of the World Athletics Day is to encourage participation in athletics among the youth.

World Athletics Day 2024: we need celebrate those athletes who are always dedicted and hard working. Irrespective of what comes their way they do not give up, they persist out of love for their sport until they cross the finish line no matter what. It is an inspiration when you see how dedicated these individuals are to their sports hence they deserve appreciation from all other competitive athletes globally due to their efforts. Henceforth every year is commemorate as the day of World Athletics to remind athletes about the importance of being dedicated during their careers.


May 7 is observed as World Athletics Day every year. This year World Athletics Day has fallen on a Tuesday.


The foundation of the IAAF took place in Stockholm, Sweden, on 17 July 1912, but it is now known as World Athletics. Inaugural world athletics day that attracted fifty countries took place on 15th May 1996 of the same year, a concept first pronounced by late Primo Nebiolo who gruesomely served as IAAF boss at that time. Henceforth, every year the 7th day of May is honoured and remembered as world athletics day.

About the IAAF

The IAAF (International Amateur Athletic Federation) came to life on the 17th of July 1912 in Stockholm (Sweden). World field athletics championships supervision is carried out by IAAF.

As is with the World Athletics Day, Each occasion can be said to have the reason for its occurrence.”

  • Popularising sports among the youth.
  • Advocate for athletics as the main sport within schools and institutions.
  • In order to make public perception more aware of sports and teach young people the significance of such games.
  • To firmly establish an important link between the youth, our sport, and environmental conservation.


Sports encourage inclusivity and diversity. On this particular day, sports are encouraged among the youth and children. On the other hand, athletics bring people together and promote teamwork, hence upholding the spirit of unity among them. On its part, the day is marked by bringing together of people to honour athletes who have dedicated their love lives specific sports events. Consequently, sports keep one healthy and active through the acquisition of skills and normalising physical exercise.