X/Twitter new ‘Basic’ subscription plan is available to verified organisations with free ad credits.

X/Twitter’s new ‘Basic’ subscription plan is available to verified organisations with free ad credits.

X/Twitter, owned by Elon Musk, has launched a new basic verified organisation subscription service for small businesses starting at Rs 16.790 per month, or Rs 1.68,000 per year. The new verified organisation subscription service is 80 percent cheaper than the ‘full access’ subscription, which is priced at Rs 82.300 per month.

“Subscribers receive ad credits and priority support to help them grow faster on X. Designed for smaller businesses.”

Even with the base subscription, verified organisations will get gold checkmark and priority access, as well as Premium+ benefits such as Grok AI access, and hiring features similar to LinkedIn. Similarly, with the premium subscription (full-access), businesses will get affiliation support, as well as a 2X boost. However, keep in mind that X charges an extra Rs 4.120 per month per each affiliate account.

For a limited period of time, X also offers an advertisement credit of $1000 (approximately Rs 83,000), which can be utilised to buy ads on X, and the credit is capped at $200/month or $2/year for companies with basic verified organisation subscriptions.

You can sign up for verified organisation programs directly from your desktop or mobile app. The gold checkmark makes your business account stand out from the competition.

You’ll also get access to Media Studio – formerly known as Tweet Deck – which helps publications plan, manage, and gain deeper insights into content performance on Twitter, including monetisation.

X has three subscription options for individuals: Basic (Rs 245 per month), Premium (Rs 650 per month) and Premium+ (Rs 1,300 per month). The Premium+ subscription provides exclusive Grok LTM access.