Controversy erupts over Anurag’s exit from Bigg Boss 17 as fans call it ‘unjust’ and ‘unfair’

Controversy erupts over Anurag's exit from Bigg Boss 17 as fans call it 'unjust' and 'unfair'

In his statement, Anurag Dobhal accused the makers of the show of unfair treatment and manipulation, claiming that they ruined his mental health.

In a shock eviction at the end of the week, the popular content creator, UK rider 07, was voted out of Bigg Boss. The housemates chose to evict him as a group, ending what Anurag describes as a rollercoaster ride. In an exclusive interview with one of the leading media houses, the content creator expressed his dissatisfaction with the show’s creators, sharing his unique point of view and the struggles he faced throughout his stay on the show.

Anurag expressed relief that the audience understood him, “I’m glad people understood my role model. I  never watched Bigg Boss, so I wasn’t sure what I was doing there. I wasn’t trying to be perfect, I was trying to show the real Anurag because it’s a reality show. I went down when Salman sir said things about ‘Bro Sena’, it was an emotional setback for me.”

According to the UK Rider 07, Bigg Boss made a shocking announcement in which he said that his family didn’t want to be part of the show.

However, this information proved to be wrong as it turned out that Bigg Boss didn’t approach Anurag’s family in the way he said.

Anurag Dobhal spoke about his rival on the show, Munawar faruqui. He said, “Munawar was an enemy of mine from the very first day. I didn’t like his ideology or what he did before coming to the show. I knew what kind of person Munawar was. He was a ‘darinda’ who played on people’s emotions. He used Nazila first, and when Ayesha arrived, he forgot Nazila. But after Salman sir’s comment, he changed his story.”

Anurag also expressed his disappointment with the theme of the season. He said that it was more about showing off Instagram followers than real people. He also said that there was no individuality among the contestants. He said that everyone’s opinion changed based on Salman Khan’s weekly comments.

Anurag claimed that he was the first Bigg Boss contestant in 17 years to take a stand against Salman Khan and Bigg Boss, and that everyone was conspiring against him. He also alleged that he was not given enough chances to commentate, and that some parts of his comments were muted on the live stream.

Anurag also said that he was disappointed because he never got to see his mother on the big screen, and that the producers knew that he was going to be evicted.

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