Easy Rangoli Design for Holi 2024 to Decorate Your Courtyard

Easy Rangoli Design for Holi 2024 to Decorate Your Courtyard

To enhance the festive spirit of Holi, try creating this simple and eye-catching rangoli at home.

Get ready for Holi! With only a few days to go, the vibrant festival will be celebrated on March 25th. Preparations are in full swing, and to add an extra splash of colour, why not create beautiful rangoli designs in the courtyard of your home?

During special occasions like Holi, people decorate their homes with colourful rangoli patterns on their courtyards and entrances. Rangoli holds a significant place in Hindu culture. To simplify the process, we will share easy and quick rangoli designs that can be created within 20 minutes. These designs can be found readily online.

Make Rangoli from Fevicol Bottle (Rangoli Design Using Fevicol Bottle)

With a Fevicol glue bottle, you can create an endless variety of intricate rangoli designs. Utilise it to craft elegant border designs for your rangoli. Whether you prefer small borders or larger ones, Fevicol allows you to create them effortlessly. For square or circular rangoli designs, add a personal touch by imprinting handprints of loved ones, celebrating the spirit of Holi or any other special occasion.

Easy Rangoli Design for Holi 2024 to Decorate Your Courtyard

Make Rangoli with coloured bucket and pitcher (Holi Festival Special Rangoli Design)

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During Holi festivities, create a colourful Rangoli design in your courtyard featuring a Pichkari (water gun) and a bucket brimming with vibrant hues. Use a variety of colours to add vibrancy and personalise it to your liking. You can add happy Holi messages or inspiring quotes within the desired size border. This colourful Rangoli will surely delight all who celebrate the festival.

Easy Rangoli Design for Holi 2024 to Decorate Your Courtyard

Peacock Feather Rangoli (Peacock Rangoli Designs)

Create a vibrant Holi rangoli using peacock feathers as a creative element. To achieve this, use a Fevicol glue bottle and a toothpick for precise application. Form peacock feathers along the border of the rangoli, giving them a rounded shape. Fill the centre of the rangoli with colourful hues and incorporate festive greetings such as “Happy Holi” or “Holi Hai” to add an auspicious touch.

Make this Rangoli on the border (Corners Rangoli Designs For Home)

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For corner rangoli designs near walls, consider using semi-circular or straight shapes. You can create these designs using toothpicks or matchsticks. Additionally, you can extend the design on both sides of the entrance gate for a more elaborate display.

Matka Rangoli Design

Create a Matka Rangoli for Holi by drawing square and round borders at the entrance of your home. Use a spoon and fork to enhance the design, making it an attractive addition to your Holi celebration.

Easy Rangoli Design for Holi 2024 to Decorate Your Courtyard

Make Rangoli on the plate (Thali Rangoli Design)

For a hassle-free and elegant rangoli during Holi, try this design. You can create it on either a steel or copper plate. Position the plate on the floor and outline its edges using a Fevicol bottle. Once the border is complete, you can optionally fill in the empty space with colours.

Running low on vibrant hues? Simply sprinkle some “Happy Holi” and “Holi Hai” in the mix. And remember, when crafting your Rangoli masterpiece, avoid any unnecessary stirring; a single swirl could spell disaster.